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12017Statistical analyses for NANOGrav 5-year timing residualsWang, Yan; Cordes, James M.; Jenet, Fredrick A.; Chatterjee, Shami; Demorest, Paul B.; Dolch, Timothy; Ellis, Justin A.; Lam, Michael T.; Madison, Dustin R.; McLaughlin, Maura A.; PERRODIN, DELPHINE ; Rankin, Joanna; Siemens, Xavier; Vallisneri, Micheleopen
22017Updating the orbital ephemeris of the dipping source XB 1254-690 and the distance to the sourceGambino, Angelo F.; Iaria, Rosario; Di Salvo, Tiziana; Matranga, Marco; BURDERI, LUCIANO; Pintore, Fabio ; RIGGIO, Alessandro; SANNA, ANDREAopen