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119971/f Type noise in the PLANCK LFI RadiometersBURIGANA, CARLO ; Seiffert, Mike; Mandolesi, NAZZARENO; Bersanelli, Marconone
21997A 94 GHz radiometer for measurements of ozone atmospheric emissionMandolesi, NAZZARENO; Brighenti, Alberto; Morigi, Gabriele; Attolini, Maria Rosa; Bersanelli, Marco; BURIGANA, CARLO ; Cazzola, Paolo; MALASPINA, MARCO ; Ventura, Giulio; Morigi, Gabrielenone
31984A balloon-borne instrumantation for cosmic gamma-ray burst detection and measurementVentura, Giulio; Horstmann, Henry; Brighenti, Alberto; Cavani, Carlo; Camprini, Marcello; Cazzola, Paolo; Giovannini, Gianni; LABANTI, CLAUDIO ; Poulsen, Jens Michaelnone
41999A catalogue of Cluster detected in the hard X-ray band for IBIS instrumentSCHIAVONE, FILOMENA ; BASSANI, LOREDANA none
52008A catalogue of INTEGRAL sources identified through optical and near-infrared spectroscopyMASETTI, NICOLA ; SCHIAVONE, FILOMENA none
61991A CCD based pointing system for stabilized balloon platformsTrabisondi, Mauro; Cortiglioni, Stefano; Giovannini, Gianni; MALASPINA, MARCO ; Sanzani, Gianlucanone
72013A census of potential GBOG auxiliary data products for GAP/CU9PANCINO, ELENA ; CLEMENTINI, Gisella none
81971A circuit supplying check and synchronism pulses as furnisched by Sirio satellite instrumentation to AE experiment (trapped protons 0.5 -20 MeV)Evangelisti, Franco; Ventura, Giulionone
92003A code to convert extended source catalogs into healpix mapsBURIGANA, CARLO ; Paladini, Robertanone
101975A coincidence experiment to search for isolated pulses of electromagnetic radiation from the galactic centreDelli Santi, Francesco Saverio; Wu, Adriana; Mandolesi, NAZZARENO; Morigi, Gabriele; Palumbo, Giorgio; Felli, Marcello; Palagi, Francesco; Patriarchi; Tofani, Gianninone
111994A cooled telescope for measurements of the Near Infrared Cosmological Background at balloon altitudes (TRIP Experiment)Ventura, Giulio; Attolini, Maria Rosa; Brighenti, Alberto; Calzolari, Paolo; Cazzola, Paolo; Cortiglioni, Stefano; Giovannini, Gianni; MALASPINA, MARCO ; Morigi, Gabriele; Mandolesi, NAZZARENO; PALAZZI, ELIANA none
121972A discussion on data reduction in spectrometric measurementsCarli, Brunonone
132014A forward model for the external calibration of XP mean spectra. I. The Instrument Update ProcessMONTEGRIFFO, Paolo none
141971A low fet input amplifier for applications in audio and subaudio frequencies fieldEvangelisti, Franconone
151972A low noise, very low power charge sensitive amplifications system for space applicationsEvangelisti, Franco; Orsi, Giordano; Ventura, Giulionone
161971A measurement of the primary x-ray diffuse component in the range from 25 to 200 KEVBrini, Domenico; Fuligni, Franco; Moretti, Elenanone
172007A model for the absolute photometric calibration of GAIA BP and RP spectra. I. Basic concepts data. II.Observing facilities for ground-based support (pilot program)MONTEGRIFFO, Paolo ; BELLAZZINI, Michele ; PANCINO, ELENA ; ALTAVILLA, GIUSEPPE ; CACCIARI, Carlanone
182009A model for the absolute photometric calibration of Gaia BP and RP spectra. II. Removing the LSF smearingMONTEGRIFFO, Paolo none
192009A model for the absolute photometric calibration of Gaia BP and RP spectra. III. A full in-flight calibration of the Model ParametersMONTEGRIFFO, Paolo ; BELLAZZINI, Michele none
202011A new model for the absolute calibration of AF integrated photometryRagaini, Silvia; MONTEGRIFFO, Paolo ; CACCIARI, Carlanone