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12015Age dating of an extensive thrust system on Mercury: implications for the planet's thermal evolutionGIACOMINI, LIVIA ; Massironi, M.; Marchi, S.; Fassett, C. I.; DI ACHILLE, Gaetano ; CREMONESE, Gabriele reserved
22015Age relationships of the Rembrandt basin and Enterprise Rupes, MercuryFerrari, S.; Massironi, M.; Marchi, S.; Byrne, P. K.; Klimczak, C.; Martellato, E.; CREMONESE, Gabriele open
32015Faulted craters as indicators for thrust motions on MercuryGALLUZZI, VALENTINA ; DI ACHILLE, Gaetano ; Ferranti, Luigi ; POPA, IONUT CIPRIAN ; PALUMBO, PASQUALE reserved
42015Lateral ramps and strike-slip kinematics on MercuryMassironi, M.; DI ACHILLE, Gaetano ; Rothery, D. A.; GALLUZZI, VALENTINA ; GIACOMINI, LIVIA ; Ferrari, S.; ZUSI, MICHELE ; CREMONESE, Gabriele ; Palumbo, P.reserved
52015VNIR spectral characteristics of terrestrial igneous effusive rocks: Mineralogical composition and the influence of textureCARLI, CRISTIAN ; Serventi, G.; Sgavetti,