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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12016Electronically Tuned Local Oscillators for the NOEMA InterferometerMattiocco, Francois; Garnier, Olivier; Maier, Doris; NAVARRINI, Alessandro ; Serres, Patriceopen
22016The Front-End of the NOEMA InterferometerChenu, Jean-Yves; Navarrini, Alessandro ; Bortolotti, Yves; Butin, Gilles; Fontana, Anne Laure; Mahieu, Sylvain; Maier, Doris; Mattiocco, Francois; Serres, Patrice; Berton, Marylene; Garnier, Olivier; Moutote, Quentin; Parioleau, Magali; Pissard, Bruno; Reverdy, Julienopen