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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12019JUNO/JIRAM's view of Jupiter's H3+ emissionsDinelli, B. M.; ADRIANI, Alberto ; MURA, Alessandro ; ALTIERI, FRANCESCA ; MIGLIORINI, Alessandra ; Moriconi, M.
22018The prospects of pulsar timing with new-generation radio telescopes and the Square Kilometre ArrayStappers, B. W.; Keane, E. F.; Kramer, M.; POSSENTI, ANDREA ; Stairs, I. H.reserved
32021Spectropolarimetric Fluctuations in a Sunspot ChromosphereSTANGALINI, MARCO ; Baker, D.; Valori, G.; Jess, D. B.; Jafarzadeh, S.; Murabito, M. ; To, A. S. H.; Brooks, D. H.; Ermolli, I. ; Giorgi, F. ; MacBride, C.