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12017AGN wind scaling relations and the co-evolution of black holes and galaxiesFIORE, Fabrizio ; Feruglio, Chiara ; Shankar, F.; Bischetti, M.; BONGIORNO, ANGELA ; Brusa, M.; Carniani, S.; CICONE, CLAUDIA ; Duras, F.; LAMASTRA, Alessandra ; Mainieri, V.; Marconi, Alessandro ; MENCI, Nicola ; Maiolino, R.; Piconcelli, E.; VIETRI, GIUSTINA ; ZAPPACOSTA, Luca open
22016Constraining AGN triggering mechanisms through the clustering analysis of active black holesGatti, M.; Shankar, F.; Bouillot, V.; MENCI, Nicola ; LAMASTRA, Alessandra ; Hirschmann, M.; FIORE, Fabrizio open
32016Constraining the Warm Dark Matter Particle Mass through Ultra-deep UV Luminosity Functions at z=2MENCI, Nicola ; Sanchez, N. G.; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; GRAZIAN, Andrea open
42020Constraints on Dynamical Dark Energy Models from the Abundance of Massive Galaxies at High RedshiftsMENCI, Nicola ; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; SANTINI, Paola ; GIALLONGO, Emanuele ; LAMASTRA, Alessandra ; Fortuni, F; FONTANA, Adriano ; MERLIN, Emiliano ; WANG, YU ; Elbaz, D; Sanchez, NGopen
52018The contribution of faint AGNs to the ionizing background at z ~ 4★GRAZIAN, Andrea ; GIALLONGO, Emanuele ; Boutsia, K.; CRISTIANI, Stefano ; VANZELLA, Eros ; Scarlata, C.; SANTINI, Paola ; PENTERICCI, Laura ; MERLIN, Emiliano ; MENCI, Nicola ; FONTANOT, Fabio ; FONTANA, Adriano ; FIORE, Fabrizio ; Civano, F.; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; Brusa, M.; BONCHI, ANDREA ; CARINI, Roberta ; CUSANO, FELICE ; Faccini, M.; GARILLI, BIANCA MARIA ROSA ; MARCHETTI, Alida ; ROSSI, Andrea ; SPEZIALI, Roberto open
62015The Detection of Ultra-faint Low Surface Brightness Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster: A Probe of Dark Matter and Baryonic PhysicsGIALLONGO, Emanuele ; MENCI, Nicola ; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; Fassbender, R.; FONTANA, Adriano ; PARIS, Diego ; PENTERICCI, Laura open
72021The emergence of passive galaxies in the early UniverseSANTINI, Paola ; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; MERLIN, Emiliano ; FONTANA, Adriano ; F. Fortuni; D. Kodra; B. Magnelli; MENCI, Nicola ; A. Calabrò; C. C. Lovell; PENTERICCI, Laura ; TESTA, Vincenzo ; S. M. Wilkinsopen
82017Extragalactic gamma-ray background from AGN winds and star-forming galaxies in cosmological galaxy-formation modelsLAMASTRA, Alessandra ; MENCI, Nicola ; Fiore, F.; ANTONELLI, Lucio Angelo ; Colafrancesco, S.; Guetta, D.; STAMERRA, Antonio open
92018The frequency of very young galaxies in the local Universe: I. A test for galaxy formation and cosmological modelsTweed, D. P.; Mamon, G. A.; Thuan, T. X.; Cattaneo, A.; Dekel, A.; MENCI, Nicola ; CALURA, Francesco ; Silk,
102017Fundamental Physics with the Hubble Frontier Fields: Constraining Dark Matter Models with the Abundance of Extremely Faint and Distant GalaxiesMENCI, Nicola ; Merle, A.; Totzauer, M.; Schneider, A.; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; Sanchez, N.
112016Galactic outflow driven by the active nucleus and the origin of the gamma-ray emission in NGC 1068LAMASTRA, Alessandra ; FIORE, Fabrizio ; Guetta, D.; ANTONELLI, Lucio Angelo ; Colafrancesco, S.; MENCI, Nicola ; Puccetti, S.; STAMERRA, Antonio ; ZAPPACOSTA, Luca open
122018Galaxy Formation in Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter ModelsMENCI, Nicola ; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; LAMASTRA, Alessandra ; CALURA, Francesco ; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; SANTINI, Paola open
132020Galaxy sizes and the galaxy-halo connection - I. The remarkable tightness of the size distributionsZanisi, Lorenzo; Shankar, Francesco; Lapi, Andrea; MENCI, Nicola ; Bernardi, Mariangela; Duckworth, Christopher; Huertas-Company, Marc; Grylls, Philip; Salucci, Paoloopen
142019Lyman continuum escape fraction and mean free path of hydrogen ionizing photons for bright z ∼ 4 QSOs from SDSS DR14Romano, M.; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; GIALLONGO, Emanuele ; CRISTIANI, Stefano ; FONTANOT, Fabio ; Boutsia, K.; FIORE, Fabrizio ; MENCI, Nicola open
152016The missing satellite problem in 3DNierenberg, A. M.; Treu, T.; MENCI, Nicola ; Lu, Y.; Torrey, Paul; Vogelsberger,
162015The multi-phase winds of Markarian 231: from the hot, nuclear, ultra-fast wind to the galaxy-scale, molecular outflowFeruglio, Chiara ; FIORE, Fabrizio ; Carniani, S.; PICONCELLI, Enrico ; ZAPPACOSTA, Luca ; BONGIORNO, ANGELA ; CICONE, CLAUDIA ; Maiolino, R.; Marconi, Alessandro ; MENCI, Nicola ; Puccetti, S.; Veilleux,
172020Multiple AGN activity during the BCG assembly of XDCPJ0044.0-2033 at z ∼ 1.6TRAVASCIO, ANDREA ; BONGIORNO, Angela ; TOZZI, Paolo ; Fassbender, R.; DE GASPERIN, Francesco ; CARDONE, Vincenzo Fabrizio ; ZAPPACOSTA, Luca ; VIETRI, Giustina ; MERLIN, Emiliano ; BISCHETTI, Manuela ; PICONCELLI, Enrico ; DURAS, FEDERICA ; FIORE, Fabrizio ; MENCI, Nicola ; Mazzotta, Pasquale ; NASTASI, ALESSANDRO open
182022Near-infrared spectroscopy of extreme BAL QSOs from the QUBRICS bright quasar surveyCupani, G. ; Calderone, G. ; Selvelli, Pierluigi ; Cristiani, S. ; Boutsia, Konstantina; Grazian, A. ; Fontanot, F. ; GUARNERI, FRANCESCO; D'Odorico,Valentina; Giallongo, E. ; Menci, N. open
192017Observing the very low surface brightness dwarfs in a deep field in the VIRGO cluster: constraints on dark matter scenariosMENCI, Nicola ; Giallongo, E.; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; PARIS, Diego ; FONTANA, Adriano ; Pentericci, L. open
202020On the AGN Nature of Two UV-bright Sources at zspec ∼ 5.5 in the CANDELS Fields: An Update on the AGN Space Density at M1450 ∼ −22.5GRAZIAN, Andrea ; GIALLONGO, Emanuele ; FIORE, Fabrizio ; Boutsia, K.; Civano, F.; CRISTIANI, Stefano ; CUPANI, Guido ; Dickinson, M.; FONTANOT, Fabio ; MENCI, Nicola ; Romano,