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12016Analytical model of Europa's O2 exosphereMILILLO, Anna ; PLAINAKI, CHRISTINA; DE ANGELIS, Elisabetta ; MANGANO, VALERIA ; MASSETTI, Stefano ; MURA, Alessandro ; ORSINI, Stefano; RISPOLI, ROSANNA open
22019Dome C East radar: Preliminary analysis of echo statisticsMARCUCCI, Maria Federica ; Coco, I.; MASSETTI, Stefano ; Longo, S.; Biondi, D.; Simeoli, E.; Marchaudon, A.; Koustov, A.; PALLOCCHIA, Giuseppe ; CONSOLINI, Giuseppe ; LAURENZA, MONICA open
32015The H2O and O2 exospheres of Ganymede: The result of a complex interaction between the jovian magnetospheric ions and the icy moonPLAINAKI, CHRISTINA; MILILLO, Anna ; MASSETTI, Stefano ; MURA, Alessandro ; Jia, Xianzhe; ORSINI, Stefano; MANGANO, VALERIA ; DE ANGELIS, Elisabetta ; RISPOLI, ROSANNA open
42016The H2O and O2 exospheres of Jupiter's moon GanymedePlainaki, C.; MILILLO, Anna ; MASSETTI, Stefano ; MURA, Alessandro ; Jia, X.; Orsini, S.; MANGANO, VALERIA ; DE ANGELIS, Elisabetta ; LAZZAROTTO, FRANCESCO ; RISPOLI, ROSANNA open
52017Investigation of the possible effects of comet Encke's meteoroid stream on the Ca exosphere of MercuryPLAINAKI, CHRISTINA; MURA, Alessandro ; MILILLO, Anna ; ORSINI, Stefano; Livi, Stefano; MANGANO, VALERIA ; MASSETTI, Stefano ; RISPOLI, ROSANNA ; DE ANGELIS, Elisabetta open
62017Occurrence and average behavior of pulsating auroraPartamies, N.; Whiter, D.; Kadokura, A.; Kauristie, K.; Nesse Tyss√ły, H.; MASSETTI, Stefano ; Stauning, P.; Raita,
72016Planetary space weather: scientific aspects and future perspectivesPLAINAKI, CHRISTINA; Lilensten, Jean; Radioti, Aikaterini; Andriopoulou, Maria; MILILLO, Anna ; Nordheim, Tom A.; Dandouras, Iannis; Coustenis, Athena; GRASSI, Davide ; MANGANO, VALERIA ; MASSETTI, Stefano ; ORSINI, Stefano; LUCCHETTI, ALICE open
82017Short-term observations of double-peaked Na emission from Mercury's exosphereMASSETTI, Stefano ; MANGANO, VALERIA ; MILILLO, Anna ; MURA, Alessandro ; Orsini, S.; Plainaki,
92015THEMIS Na exosphere observations of Mercury and their correlation with in-situ magnetic field measurements by MESSENGERMANGANO, VALERIA ; MASSETTI, Stefano ; MILILLO, Anna ; PLAINAKI, CHRISTINA; ORSINI, Stefano; RISPOLI, ROSANNA ; Leblanc, Francoisreserved