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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
120173D Relativistic MHD numerical simulations of X-shaped radio sourcesRossi, P. ; Bodo, G. ; Capetti, A. ; Massaglia
22015Astrophysical fluid simulations of thermally ideal gases with non-constant adiabatic index: numerical implementationVaidya, B.; Mignone, A.; BODO, Gianluigi ; Massaglia,
32019A Constrained Transport Method for the Solution of the Resistive Relativistic MHD EquationsMignone, A.; Mattia, G.; BODO, Gianluigi ; Del Zanna,
42016A fluid-particle hybrid framework for the PLUTO code: applications to non-thermal emission in jetsVaidya, B.; Mignone, A.; BODO, Gianluigi ; MASSAGLIA, SILVANOopen
52015Fully Convective Magneto-rotational Turbulence in Large Aspect-ratio Shearing BoxesBODO, Gianluigi ; Cattaneo, F.; Mignone, A.; ROSSI, Paola open
62015Global Properties of Fully Convective Accretion Disks from Local SimulationsBODO, Gianluigi ; Cattaneo, F.; Mignone, A.; Ponzo, F.; ROSSI, Paola open
72016Linear stability analysis of magnetized jets: the rotating caseBODO, Gianluigi ; Mamatsashvili, G.; ROSSI, Paola ; Mignone,
82019Linear stability analysis of magnetized relativistic rotating jetsBODO, Gianluigi ; George Mamatsashvili; ROSSI, Paola ; Andrea Mignoneopen
92018Linear Wave Propagation for Resistive Relativistic MagnetohydrodynamicsMignone, A.; Mattia, G.; BODO, Gianluigi open
102017Magnetic Helicities and Dynamo Action in Magneto-rotational TurbulenceBODO, Gianluigi ; Cattaneo, F.; Mignone, A.; ROSSI, Paola open
112019Making Faranoff-Riley I radio sources II. The effects of jet magnetizationMassaglia, S.; BODO, Gianluigi ; ROSSI, Paola ; Capetti, S.; Mignone,
122016Making Faranoff-Riley I radio sources. I. Numerical hydrodynamic 3D simulations of low-power jetsMASSAGLIA, SILVANO; BODO, Gianluigi ; ROSSI, Paola ; CAPETTI, Alessandro ; Mignone,
132016MHD simulations of three-dimensional resistive reconnection in a cylindrical plasma columnStriani, E.; Mignone, A.; Vaidya, B.; BODO, Gianluigi ; Ferrari, Attilioopen
142017Nonlinear Transverse Cascade and Sustenance of MRI Turbulence in Keplerian Disks with an Azimuthal Magnetic FieldGogichaishvili, D.; Mamatsashvili, G.; Horton, W.; Chagelishvili, G.; BODO, Gianluigi open
152018A Particle Module for the PLUTO Code. I. An Implementation of the MHD-PIC EquationsMignone, A.; BODO, Gianluigi ; Vaidya, B.; Mattia,
162018A Particle Module for the PLUTO Code. II. Hybrid Framework for Modeling Nonthermal Emission from Relativistic Magnetized FlowsVaidya, Bhargav; Mignone, Andrea; BODO, Gianluigi ; ROSSI, Paola ; MASSAGLIA, SILVANOopen
172018Recollimation shocks and radiative losses in extragalactic relativistic jetsBODO, Gianluigi ; TAVECCHIO, Fabrizio open