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12015AGB stars in the SMC: evolution and dust properties based on Spitzer observationsDell'Agli, Flavia ; D. A. García-Hernández; VENTURA, Paolo ; SCHNEIDER, RAFFAELLA ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; C. Rossiopen
22017The ASTRODEEP Frontier Fields catalogues. III. Multiwavelength photometry and rest-frame properties of MACS-J0717 and MACS-J1149DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; MERLIN, Emiliano ; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; SANTINI, Paola ; FONTANA, Adriano ; Amorin, R.; Boutsia, K.; Derriere, S.; Dunlop, J. S.; Elbaz, D.; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; McLure, R. J.; Mármol-Queraltó, E.; Michalowski, M. J.; Mortlock, S.; Parsa, S.; Pentericci, L. open
32017Asymptotic giant branch and super-asymptotic giant branch stars: modelling dust production at solar metallicityDell'Agli, Flavia ; García-Hernández, D. A.; Schneider, R. ; VENTURA, Paolo ; La Franca, F.; VALIANTE, ROSA ; MARINI, ESTER; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella open
42015Asymptotic giant branch stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud: evolution of dust in circumstellar envelopesDell'Agli, F.; VENTURA, Paolo ; SCHNEIDER, RAFFAELLA ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; García-Hernández, D. A.; Rossi, C.; BROCATO, Enzo open
52018Discovery of Extended Main Sequence Turnoffs in Galactic Open ClustersMarino, A. F.; Milone, A. P.; Casagrande, L.; Przybilla, N.; Balaguer-Núñez, L.; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Serenelli, A.; Vilardell,
62016Dust from AGBs: understanding the Spitzer observations of evolved stars in the Large Magellanic CloudDell'Agli, Flavia ; García-Hernández, D. A.; VENTURA, Paolo ; Schneider, R. ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Rossi,
72016Evidence of AGB Pollution in Galactic Globular Clusters from the Mg-Al Anticorrelations Observed by the APOGEE SurveyVENTURA, Paolo ; García-Hernández, D. A.; Dell'Agli, Flavia ; D'Antona, F.; Mészáros, Sz.; LUCATELLO, Sara ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Shetrone, M.; Tailo, M.; Tang, Baitian; Zamora,
82016Evolved stars in the Local Group galaxies - I. AGB evolution and dust production in IC 1613Dell'Agli, Flavia ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Boyer, M. L.; García-Hernández, D.
92018Evolved stars in the Local Group galaxies - II. AGB, RSG stars, and dust production in IC10Dell'Agli, Flavia ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; VENTURA, Paolo ; LIMONGI, Marco ; García-Hernández, D. A.; Marini, E.; Rossi,
102018Extended Main-sequence Turnoff as a Common Feature of Milky Way Open ClustersCordoni, G.; Milone, A. P.; Marino, A. F.; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; D’Antona, F.; Dotter, A.; Lagioia, E. P.; Tailo,
112016Galactic planetary nebulae with precise nebular abundances as a tool to understand the evolution of asymptotic giant branch starsGarcía-Hernández, D. A.; VENTURA, Paolo ; Delgado-Inglada, G.; Dell'Agli, Flavia ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Yagüe,
122018HST Grism Observations of a Gravitationally Lensed Redshift 9.5 GalaxyHoag, A.; Bradač, M.; Brammer, G.; Huang, K. -H.; Treu, T.; Mason, C. A.; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Jones, T.; Kelly, P.; PENTERICCI, Laura ; Ryan, R.; Schmidt, K.; Trenti,
132015An HST/WFC3 view of stellar populations on the horizontal branch of NGC 2419DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Tailo, M.; Milone, A. P.; D'Antona, F.; VENTURA, Paolo ; Dotter, A.; BROCATO, Enzo open
142017The Hubble Space Telescope UV Legacy Survey of Galactic globular clusters - XI. The horizontal branch in NGC 6388 and NGC 6441Tailo, M.; D'Antona, F.; Milone, A. P.; Bellini, A.; VENTURA, Paolo ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; CASSISI, Santi ; Piotto, G.; Salaris, M.; Brown, T. M.; Vesperini, E.; BEDIN, Luigi ; Marino, A. F.; Nardiello, D.; Anderson,
152015The Large Magellanic Cloud as a laboratory for hot bottom burning in massive asymptotic giant branch starsVENTURA, Paolo ; Karakas, A. I.; Dell'Agli, F.; Boyer, M. L.; García-Hernández, D. A.; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; SCHNEIDER, RAFFAELLA open
162018Multiple stellar populations in Magellanic Cloud clusters - VI. A survey of multiple sequences and Be stars in young clustersMilone, A. P.; Marino, A. F.; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; D'Antona, F.; BEDIN, Luigi ; Da Costa, G.; Piotto, G.; Tailo, M.; Dotter, A.; Angeloni, R.; Anderson, J.; Jerjen, H.; Li, C.; Dupree, A.; Granata, V.; Lagioia, E. P.; Mackey, A. D.; Nardiello, D.; Vesperini,
172018On the Faint End of the Galaxy Luminosity Function in the Epoch of Reionization: Updated Constraints from the HST Frontier FieldsYue, B.; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; Ferrara, A.; FONTANA, Adriano ; MERLIN, Emiliano ; Amorín, R.; GRAZIAN, Andrea ; Mármol-Queralto, E.; Michałowski, M. J.; Mortlock, A.; PARIS, Diego ; Parsa, S.; Pilo, S.; SANTINI, Paola ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella open
182016On the nature of the most obscured C-rich AGB stars in the Magellanic CloudsVENTURA, Paolo ; Karakas, A. I.; Dell'Agli, F.; García-Hernández, D. A.; Boyer, M. L.; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella open
192016Planetary nebulae in the Small Magellanic CloudVENTURA, Paolo ; STANGHELLINI, Letizia ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; García-Hernández, D. A.; Dell'Agli, Flavia open
202016Probing O-enrichment in C-rich dust planetary nebulaeGarcía-Hernández, D. A.; VENTURA, Paolo ; Delgado-Inglada, G.; Dell'Agli, Flavia ; DI CRISCIENZO, Marcella ; Yagüe,