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120153C 57 as an atypical radio-loud quasar: implications for the radio-loud/radio-quiet dichotomySulentic, J. W.; Martínez-Carballo, M. A.; MARZIANI, Paola ; del Olmo, A.; STIRPE, Giovanna Maria ; Zamfir, S.; Plauchu-Frayn,
22018AGN Broad Line Region variability in the context of Eigenvector 1: case of NGC 5548Bon, Nataša; Bon, Edi; MARZIANI, Paola open
32016The Anatomy of GalaxiesD'ONOFRIO, MAURO; RAMPAZZO, Roberto ; ZAGGIA, Simone ; Longair, Malcolm S.; Ferrarese, Laura; MARZIANI, Paola ; Sulentic, Jack W.; van der Kruit, Pieter C.; Laurikainen, Eija; Elmegreen, Debra M.; Combes, Françoise; BERTIN, GIUSEPPE; Fabbiano, Giuseppina; Giovanelli, Riccardo; Calzetti, Daniela; Moss, David L.; Matteucci, Francesca; Djorgovski, Stanislav George; Fraix-Burnet, Didier; Graham, Alister W. McK.; Tully, Brent R.reserved
42016Balmer line shifts in quasarsSulentic, J. W.; MARZIANI, Paola ; Del Olmo, A.; Zamfir,
52019Black hole mass estimates in quasars. A comparative analysis of high- and low-ionization linesMARZIANI, Paola ; del Olmo, A.; Martínez-Carballo, M. A.; Martínez-Aldama, M. L.; STIRPE, Giovanna Maria ; Negrete, C. A.; Dultzin, D.; D'Onofrio, M.; Bon, E.; Bon,
62016Blue outliers among intermediate redshift quasarsMARZIANI, Paola ; Sulentic, J. W.; STIRPE, Giovanna Maria ; Dultzin, D.; Del Olmo, A.; Martínez-Carballo, M.
72021The CaFe Project: Optical Fe II and Near-infrared Ca II Triplet Emission in Active Galaxies. II. The Driver(s) of the Ca II and Fe II and Its Potential Use as a Chemical ClockMartínez-Aldama, Mary Loli; Panda, Swayamtrupta; Czerny, Bożena; Marinello, Murilo; MARZIANI, Paola ; Dultzin, Deborahopen
82017Emission line galaxies and active galactic nuclei in WINGS clustersMARZIANI, Paola ; D'Onofrio, M.; BETTONI, Daniela ; POGGIANTI, Bianca Maria ; MORETTI, ALESSIA ; Fasano, G.; Fritz, J.; Cava, A.; Varela, J.; Omizzolo,
92020The Energetics of Launching the Most Powerful Jets in Quasars: A Study of 3C 82Punsly, Brian; Hill, Gary J.; MARZIANI, Paola ; Kharb, Preeti; Berton, Marco; Crepaldi, Luca; Indahl, Briana L.; Zeimann, Gregopen
102016Evidence for Periodicity in 43 year-long Monitoring of NGC 5548Bon, E.; Zucker, S.; Netzer, H.; MARZIANI, Paola ; Bon, N.; Jovanović, P.; Shapovalova, A. I.; Komossa, S.; Gaskell, C. M.; Popović, L. Č.; Britzen, S.; Chavushyan, V. H.; Burenkov, A. N.; Sergeev, S.; La Mura, G.; Valdés, J. R.; Stalevski,
112018Exploring possible relations between optical variability time scales and broad emission line shapes in AGNBon, Edi; Jovanović, Predrag; MARZIANI, Paola ; Bon, Nataša; Otašević, Aleksandaropen
122018Extreme quasars at high redshiftMartínez-Aldama, M. L.; del Olmo, A.; MARZIANI, Paola ; Sulentic, J. W.; Negrete, C. A.; Dultzin, D.; D'Onofrio, M.; Perea,
132020The Extreme Red Excess in Blazar Ultraviolet Broad Emission LinesPunsly, Brian; MARZIANI, Paola ; Berton, Marco; Kharb, Preetiopen
142015The Extreme Ultraviolet Deficit: Jet Connection in the Quasar 1442+101Punsly, Brian; MARZIANI, Paola ; Kharb, Preeti; O'Dea, Christopher P.; Vestergaard, Marianneopen
152016The extreme ultraviolet spectra of low-redshift radio-loud quasarsPunsly, Brian; Reynolds, Cormac; MARZIANI, Paola ; O'Dea, Christopher
162015The extreme ultraviolet spectrum of the kinetically dominated quasar 3C 270.1Punsly, Brian; MARZIANI, Paola open
172016The Extreme Ultraviolet Variability of QuasarsPunsly, Brian; MARZIANI, Paola ; Zhang, Shaohua; Muzahid, Sowgat; O'Dea, Christopher
182018Fe II velocity shifts in optical spectra of type 1 AGNBon, E.; MARZIANI, Paola ; Berton, M.; Bon, N.; Antonucci, R.; Gaskell, M.; Ferland,
192015Grand Challenges in Milky Way and GalaxiesMARZIANI, Paola open
202015Gravitational redshift of emission lines in the AGN spectraBon, Nataša; Bon, Edi; MARZIANI, Paola ; Jovanović, Predragopen