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12015The branchings of the main s-process: their sensitivity to α-induced reactions on 13C and 22Ne and to the uncertainties of the nuclear networkBisterzo, S.; Gallino, R.; Käppeler, F.; Wiescher, M.; Imbriani, G.; STRANIERO, Oscar ; CRISTALLO, Sergio ; Görres, J.; deBoer, R.
22015Evolution, Nucleosynthesis, and Yields of AGB Stars at Different Metallicities. III. Intermediate-mass Models, Revised Low-mass Models, and the ph-FRUITY InterfaceCRISTALLO, Sergio ; STRANIERO, Oscar ; PIERSANTI, Luciano ; Gobrecht,
32016The FRUITY database on AGB stars: past, present and futureCRISTALLO, Sergio ; PIERSANTI, Luciano ; STRANIERO, Oscar open
42015FRUITY Upgrades on AGB Evolution and NucleosynthesisCRISTALLO, Sergio ; STRANIERO, Oscar ; PIERSANTI, Luciano open
52018The Importance of the 13C(α,n) 16O Reaction in Asymptotic Giant Branch StarsCRISTALLO, Sergio ; La Cognata, M.; Massimi, C.; Best, A.; Palmerini, S.; STRANIERO, Oscar ; Trippella, O.; Busso, M.; Ciani, G. F.; Mingrone, F.; PIERSANTI, Luciano ; Vescovi,
62017Measurement of 1323 and 1487 keV resonances in 15N(α,γ ) 19F with the recoil separator ERNADi Leva, A.; Imbriani, G.; Buompane, R.; Gialanella, L.; Best, A.; CRISTALLO, Sergio ; De Cesare, M.; D'Onofrio, A.; Duarte, J. G.; Gasques, L. R.; Morales-Gallegos, L.; Pezzella, A.; Porzio, G.; Rapagnani, D.; Roca, V.; Romoli, M.; Schürmann, D.; STRANIERO, Oscar ; Terrasi, F.; ERNA Collaborationopen
72015Models of AGB Stars and their NucleosynthesisSTRANIERO, Oscar ; CRISTALLO, Sergio ; PIERSANTI, Luciano open
82015On the Need for the Light Elements Primary Process (LEPP)CRISTALLO, Sergio ; Abia, C.; STRANIERO, Oscar ; PIERSANTI, Luciano open
92016Operational challenges for astronomical instrumentation in Antarctica: results from five years of environmental monitoring of AMICA at Dome CDOLCI, Mauro ; VALENTINI, Angelo ; TAVAGNACCO , DANIELE ; DI CIANNO, Amico ; STRANIERO, Oscar open
102015Oxygen isotopic ratios in intermediate-mass red giantsLebzelter, T.; STRANIERO, Oscar ; Hinkle, K. H.; Nowotny, W.; Aringer,
112015Three New Low-Energy Resonances in the 22Ne (p ,γ )23Na ReactionCavanna, F.; Depalo, R.; Aliotta, M.; Anders, M.; Bemmerer, D.; Best, A.; Boeltzig, A.; Broggini, C.; Bruno, C. G.; Caciolli, A.; Corvisiero, P.; Davinson, T.; di Leva, A.; Elekes, Z.; Ferraro, F.; Formicola, A.; Fülöp, Zs.; Gervino, G.; Guglielmetti, A.; Gustavino, C.; Gyürky, Gy.; Imbriani, G.; Junker, M.; Menegazzo, R.; Mossa, V.; Pantaleo, F. R.; Prati, P.; Scott, D. A.; Somorjai, E.; STRANIERO, Oscar ; Strieder, F.; Szücs, T.; Takács, M. P.; Trezzi, D.; LUNA Collaborationopen
122017Type Ia Supernovae Keep Memory of their Progenitor MetallicityPIERSANTI, Luciano ; Bravo, Eduardo; CRISTALLO, Sergio ; Domínguez, Inmaculada; STRANIERO, Oscar ; Tornambé, Amedeo; Martínez-Pinedo, Gabrielopen