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12021Astrobiology studies and extraterrestrial sample analysis at the Laboratory for Experimental Astrophysics - CataniaPALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Baratta, G. ; OCCHIPINTI, Giovanni ; Scirè Scappuzzo, C. ; STRAZZULLA, Giovanni open
22019Broadband spectroscopy of astrophysical ice analogues. I. Direct measurement of the complex refractive index of CO ice using terahertz time-domain spectroscopyGiuliano, B. M.; Gavdush, A. A.; Müller, B.; Zaytsev, K. I.; Grassi, T.; Ivlev, A. V.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Baratta, G. ; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; Komandin, G. A.; Yurchenko, S. O.; Caselli,
32019C2O and C3O in low-mass star-forming regionsURSO, Riccardo Giovanni ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Ceccarelli, C.; Balucani, N.; Bottinelli, S.; CODELLA, CLAUDIO ; FONTANI, FRANCESCO ; LETO, PAOLO ; TRIGILIO, CORRADO ; Vastel, C.; Bachiller, R.; Baratta, G. ; BUEMI, CARLA SIMONA ; Caux, E.; Jaber Al-Edhari, A.; Lefloch, B.; López-Sepulcre, A.; UMANA, Grazia Maria Gloria ; Testi,
42016Combined infrared and Raman study of solid COURSO, Riccardo Giovanni ; Scirè, C.; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; Compagnini, G.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta open
52018Combined IR and XPS characterization of organic refractory residues obtained by ion irradiation of simple icy mixturesAccolla, M.; Pellegrino, G.; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; Condorelli, G. G.; Fedoseev, G.; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Strazzulla,
62018Cosmic ray processing of N2-containing interstellar ice analogues at dark cloud conditionsFedoseev, G.; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta open
72022Effects of Simulated Solar Wind on Polymethyl Methacrylate Thin FilmMezzina, Lidia; Nicosia, Angelo; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; Mineo, Placido Giuseppeopen
82022Exploring Refractory Organics in Extraterrestrial ParticlesPotapov, Alexey; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; DIONNET, ZELIA ; LONGOBARDO, ANDREA ; Jäger, Cornelia; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; Rotundi, Alessandra ; Henning, Thomasopen
92021Formation of complex organic molecules in molecular clouds: acetaldehyde, vinyl alcohol, ketene, and ethanol via the "energetic" processing of C2H2 iceChuang, K. -J.; FEDOSEEV, GLEB ; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; Baratta, G. ; Jäger, C.; Henning, Th.; Linnartz, H.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta open
102023High-Energy Processing of Ices in SpaceBARATTA, Giuseppe ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta open
112017Infrared study on the thermal evolution of solid state formamideURSO, Riccardo Giovanni ; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; BRUCATO, John Robert ; Compagnini, Giuseppe; Kaňuchová, Zuzana; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; STRAZZULLA, Giovanniopen
122019Ion irradiation of N2O ices and NO2:N2O4 ice mixtures: first steps to understand the evolution of molecules with the N-O bond in spaceFulvio, Daniele ; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; Sivaraman, B.; Mason, N. J.; da Silveira, E. F.; de Barros, A. L. F.; Pandoli, O.; Strazzulla, G.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta open
132022Ion irradiation triggers the formation of the precursors of complex organics in space. The case of formaldehyde and acetaldehydeURSO, Riccardo Giovanni ; Hénault, E.; Brunetto, R.; Baklouti, D.; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; Djouadi, Z.; Elsaesser, A.; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; STRAZZULLA, Giovanni ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta open
142020Laboratory investigations aimed at building a database for the interpretation of JWST spectraPALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; FEDOSEEV, GLEB ; Fulvio, Daniele ; SCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; STRAZZULLA, Giovanni ; Urso, Riccardo Giovanni reserved
152015A laboratory study of ion-induced erosion of ice-covered carbon grainsSabri, T.; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; Jäger, C.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Henning, T.; Strazzulla, G.; Wendler,
162019Mid-IR band strength, density, refractive index, and thermal evolution study for solid CH2DOH pure and in astrophysical relevant mixturesSCIRE` SCAPPUZZO, Carlotta ; URSO, Riccardo Giovanni ; Fulvio, Daniele ; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta open
172012Nitrogen oxides and carbon chain oxides formed after ion irradiation of CO:N2 ice mixturesSICILIA, Daniela ; Ioppolo, S.; VINDIGNI, T.; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta open
182015Organic samples produced by ion bombardment of ices for the EXPOSE-R2 mission on the International Space StationBARATTA, Giuseppe ; Chaput, D.; Cottin, H.; Fernandez Cascales, L.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Strazzulla,
192015Photochemical studies in low Earth orbit for organic compounds related to small bodies, Titan and Mars. Current and future facilitiesCottin, H.; Saiagh, K.; Nguyen, D.; Grand, N.; Bénilan, Y.; Cloix, M.; Coll, P.; Gazaux, M. -C.; Fray, N.; Khalaf, D.; Raulin, F.; Stalort, F.; Carrasco, N.; Szopa, C.; Chaput, D.; Bertrand, M.; Westall, F.; Mattioda, A.; Quinn, R.; Ricco, A.; Santos, O.; BARATTA, Giuseppe ; Strazzulla, G.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Le Postollec, A.; Dobrijevic, M.; Coussot, G.; Vigier, F.; Vandenabeele-Trambouze, O.; Incerti, S.; Berger,
202019Photolysis of Cometary Organic Dust Analogs on the EXPOSE-R2 Mission at the International Space StationBARATTA, Giuseppe ; Accolla, M.; Chaput, D.; Cottin, H.; PALUMBO, Maria Elisabetta ; Strazzulla, G.mixedopen