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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12018Administrator Guide.1.0. Installation, configuration, deployment and run guide for the Access Control moduleBERTOCCO, SARA ; TAFFONI, Giuliano none
22022All the Shades of the CloudTAFFONI, Giuliano ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; LANDONI, Marco ; MOLINARO, Marco ; RUSSO, Stefano Alberto open
32019Astrophysical Code Migration into Exascale EraGoz, David ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; TORNATORE, Luca ; TAFFONI, Giuliano open
42017Building an interoperable, distributed storage and authorization systemBERTOCCO, SARA ; Brian Major; Patrick Dowler; Gaudet Severin; MOLINARO, Marco ; TAFFONI, Giuliano open
52019Building an Interoperable, Distributed Storage and Authorization SystemBERTOCCO, SARA ; Major, Brian; Dowler, Patrick; Gaudet, Séverin; MOLINARO, Marco ; TAFFONI, Giuliano open
62018Cloud access to interoperable IVOA-compliant VOSpace storageBERTOCCO, SARA ; Dowler, P.; Gaudet, S.; Major, B.; Pasian, F.; TAFFONI, Giuliano open
72018Credential Service Administrator Guide 1.0 oats_cred_admin_guide. Installation, configuration, deployment and run guide for the Credential Delegation ServiceBERTOCCO, SARA ; TAFFONI, Giuliano none
82018Direct N-body code designed for a cluster based on heterogeneous computational nodesGoz, David ; TORNATORE, Luca ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; TAFFONI, Giuliano none
92018Direct N-body code designed for heterogeneous platformsGoz, David ; TORNATORE, Luca ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; TAFFONI, Giuliano none
102018Documentation 0.1. CADC logging utility administration guideBERTOCCO, SARA ; TAFFONI, Giuliano none
112020Evaluating SoC power efficiency through N-body applicationGoz, David ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; CORETTI, Igor ; RAGAGNIN, ANTONIO ; TORNATORE, Luca ; TAFFONI, Giuliano open
122019Extending Support for Large Distributed Projects Through InteroperabilityGaudet, Séverin; Taffoni, G. ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; Major, Brian; Dowler, Patrick; MOLINARO, Marco ; Schade, David; Pasion, Fabioopen
132022Group Membership Service Version 1.0Major, Brian; Dowler, Patrick; TAFFONI, Giuliano ; ZORBA, SONIA ; Damian, Adrian; BERTOCCO, SARA ; MOLINARO, Marco open
142015Implementation and use of a highly available and innovative IaaS solution: the Cloud Area PadovanaAiftimiei, Cristina; Andreetto, Paolo; BERTOCCO, SARA ; Biasotto, Massimo; Dal Pra, Stefano; Costa, Fulvia; Crescente, Alberto; Dorigo, Alvise; Fantinel, Sergio; Fanzago, Federica; Frizziero, Eric; Gulmini, Michele; Michelotto, Michele; Sgaravatto, Massimo; Traldi, Sergio; Venaruzzo, Massimo; Verlato, Marco; Zangrando, Lisaopen
152018INCAS: INtensive Clustered ARM SoC-Cluster DeploymentBERTOCCO, SARA ; Goz, David ; TORNATORE, Luca ; TAFFONI, Giuliano none
162017Interoperable geographically distributed astronomical infrastructures: technical solutionsBERTOCCO, SARA ; Major, Brian; Dowler, Patrick; Gaudet, Séverin; PASIAN, Fabio; TAFFONI, Giuliano open
172019Low Power High Performance Computing on Arm System-on-Chip in AstrophysicsTAFFONI, Giuliano ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; CORETTI, Igor ; GOZ, David ; RAGAGNIN, ANTONIO ; TORNATORE, Luca open
182018Performance of direct N-body code on ARM64 SoCGoz, David ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; TORNATORE, Luca ; TAFFONI, Giuliano none
192022Rosetta: A container-centric science platform for resource-intensive, interactive data analysisRusso, S. A.; BERTOCCO, SARA ; Gheller, C.; TAFFONI, Giuliano open
202021Software acceleration on Xilinx FPGAs using OmpSs@FPGA ecosystemGoz, David ; BERTOCCO, SARA ; TAFFONI, Giuliano ; CORETTI, Igor open