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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12012Stellar Lifetime and Ultraviolet Properties of the Old Metal-rich Galactic Open Cluster NGC 6791: A Pathway to Understand the Ultraviolet Upturn of Elliptical GalaxiesBUZZONI, Alberto ; Bertone, Emanuele; Carraro, Giovanni; BUSON, Lucio open
22015Tracing the evolution within nearby galaxy groups: a multi-wavelength approachBETTONI, Daniela ; Marino, Antonina; RAMPAZZO, Roberto ; Plana, Henri; Rosado, Margarita; Galletta, Giuseppe; MAZZEI, Paola ; Bianchi, Luciana; BUSON, Lucio ; Ambrocio-Cruz, Patricia; Gabbasov, Ruslanopen
32015The transformation of Spirals into S0 galaxies in the cluster environmentD'ONOFRIO, MAURO; MARZIANI, Paola ; BUSON, Lucio open
42013UB CCD Photometry of the Old, Metal-rich, Open Clusters NGC 6791, NGC 6819, and NGC 7142Carraro, G.; BUZZONI, Alberto ; Bertone, E.; BUSON, Lucio open
52015UGC 7639: A Dwarf Galaxy in the Canes Venatici I CloudBUSON, Lucio ; BETTONI, Daniela ; MAZZEI, Paola ; Galletta,