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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12018Comparing Extrapolations of the Coronal Magnetic Field with Multi-Spacecraft White-Light Coronagraphic ObservationsSASSO, CLEMENTINA ; Pinto, R.; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; Howard, R.; Vourlidas,
22017Estimates of Active Region Area Coverage through Simultaneous Measurements of the He I λλ 5876 and 10830 LinesANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; Giampapa, Mark S.; COVINO, Elvira ; Reiners, Ansgar; Beeck, Benjaminopen
32015The EUV spectrum of the Sun: Irradiances during 1998-2014Del Zanna, G.; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo open
42015The EUV spectrum of the Sun: SOHO, SEM, and CDS irradiancesDel Zanna, G.; Wieman, S. R.; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; Didkovsky,
52018Mapping the solar wind HI outflow velocity in the inner heliosphere by coronagraphic ultraviolet and visible-light observationsDOLEI, Sergio ; SUSINO, ROBERTO ; SASSO, CLEMENTINA ; BEMPORAD, Alessandro ; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; SPADARO, Daniele ; VENTURA, Rita ; Antonucci, E.; Abbo, L.; Da Deppo, V.; FINESCHI, Silvano ; FOCARDI, MAURO ; Frassetto, F.; GIORDANO, Silvio Matteo ; LANDINI, FEDERICO ; Naletto, G.; NICOLINI, Gianalfredo ; Nicolosi, P.; PANCRAZZI, Maurizio ; Romoli, M.; TELLONI, Daniele open
62017The Mg I b triplet and the 4571 Å line as diagnostics of stellar chromospheric activitySASSO, CLEMENTINA ; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; TERRANEGRA, Luciano ; Gomez, Maria Teresaopen
72015Modelling low-lying, cool solar loops with optically thick radiative lossesSASSO, CLEMENTINA ; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; SPADARO, Daniele open
82018Predicting the COSIE-C Signal from the Outer Corona up to 3 Solar RadiiDel Zanna, Giulio; Raymond, John; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; TELLONI, Daniele ; Golub, Leonopen
92015A steady-state supersonic downflow in the transition region above a sunspot umbraSTRAUS, Thomas Adolf ; Fleck, Bernhard; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo open
102015Stray-light analyses of the METIS coronagraph on Solar OrbiterFINESCHI, Silvano ; Sandri, Paolo; LANDINI, Federico ; Romoli, Marco; DaDeppo, Vania; Frassetto, Fabio; Verroi, Enrico; Naletto, Giampiero; Morea, Danilo; Antonucci, Ester; SPADARO, Daniele ; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo open
112017Validating coronal magnetic field reconstruction methods using solar wind simulations and synthetic imageryPinto, Rui; Rouillard, Alexis; Génot, Vincent; Amari, Tahar; Buchlin, Eric; Arge, Nick; SASSO, CLEMENTINA ; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; BEMPORAD, Alessandro open
122016A virtual appliance as proxy pipeline for the Solar Orbiter/Metis coronagraphPANCRAZZI, Maurizio ; STRAUS, Thomas Adolf ; ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; SPADARO, Daniele ; Haugan, S. V.; de Groof, A.; Carr, R.; FOCARDI, MAURO ; NICOLINI, Gianalfredo ; LANDINI, FEDERICO ; Baccani, C.; Romoli, M.; Antonucci,
132017VizieR Online Data Catalog: HeI 5876 & 10830Å EWs of solar-type stars (Andretta+, 2017)ANDRETTA, Vincenzo ; Giampapa, M. S.; COVINO, Elvira ; Reiners, A.; Beeck,