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12018Beam tracking strategies for fast acquisition of solar wind velocity distribution functions with high energy and angular resolutionsDe Keyser, Johan; Lavraud, Benoit; Přech, Lubomir; Neefs, Eddy; Berkenbosch, Sophie; Beeckman, Bram; Fedorov, Andrei; MARCUCCI, Maria Federica ; DE MARCO, Rossana ; BRIENZA , DANIELE open
22016Differential kinetic dynamics and heating of ions in the turbulent solar windValentini, F.; Perrone, D.; Stabile, S.; Pezzi, O.; Servidio, S.; DE MARCO, Rossana ; Marcucci, F.; BRUNO, Roberto ; Lavraud, B.; De Keyser, J.; CONSOLINI, Giuseppe ; Brienza, D.; Sorriso-Valvo, L.; Retinò, A.; Vaivads, A.; Salatti, M.; Veltri,
32017Electrostatic analyzer design for solar wind proton measurements with high temporal, energy, and angular resolutionsCara, Antoine; Lavraud, Benoit; Fedorov, Andrei; De Keyser, Johan; DE MARCO, Rossana ; MARCUCCI, Maria Federica ; VALENTINI, FRANCESCO; SERVIDIO, SERGIO; BRUNO, Roberto open
42016Importance of energy and angular resolutions in top-hat electrostatic analysers for solar wind proton measurementsDE MARCO, Rossana ; MARCUCCI, Maria Federica ; BRUNO, Roberto ; D'AMICIS, RAFFAELLA ; Servidio, S.; Valentini, F.; Lavraud, B.; Louarn, P.; Salatti,
52019Investigating the nature of the link between magnetic field orientation and proton temperature in the solar windD'AMICIS, RAFFAELLA ; DE MARCO, Rossana ; BRUNO, Roberto ; Perrone, D.embargo_20710101