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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12023Investigating the Effect of Solar Ambient and Data Characteristics on Ca ii K Observations and Line Profile MeasurementsMURABITO, Mariarita ; ERMOLLI, Ilaria ; CHATZISTERGOS, THEODOSIOS ; Jafarzadeh, Shahin; GIORGI, Fabrizio ; Rouppe van der Voort, Lucopen
22021A note on the sunspot and prominence records made by Angelo Secchi during the period 1871-1875Carrasco, Víctor M.S.; Nogales, José M.; Vaquero, José M.; CHATZISTERGOS, THEODOSIOS ; ERMOLLI, Ilaria open
32018The potential of Ca II K observations for solar activity and variability studiesERMOLLI, Ilaria ; CHATZISTERGOS, THEODOSIOS ; Krivova, Natalie A.; Solanki, Sami
42021Reconstructing solar irradiance from historical Ca II K observations. I. Method and its validationCHATZISTERGOS, THEODOSIOS ; Krivova, Natalie A.; ERMOLLI, Ilaria ; Yeo, Kok Leng; Mandal, Sudip; Solanki, Sami K.; Kopp, Greg; Malherbe, Jean-Marieopen
52022Rome Precision Solar Photometric Telescope: precision solar full-disk photometry during solar cycles 23–25ERMOLLI, Ilaria ; GIORGI, Fabrizio ; CHATZISTERGOS, THEODOSIOS open