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12016A Multi-instrument Analysis of a C4.1 Flare Occurring in a δ SunspotGuglielmino, S. L.; Zuccarello, Francesca ; ROMANO, Paolo ; Cristaldi, A.; ERMOLLI, Ilaria ; Criscuoli, S.; FALCO, MARIACHIARA ; Zuccarello, F.
22017Comparison of different populations of granular features in the solar photosphereFALCO, MARIACHIARA ; Puglisi, s.; Guglielmino, S. L.; ROMANO, Paolo ; ERMOLLI, Ilaria ; Zuccarello, Francesca open
32019Historical solar Ca II K observations at the Rome and Catania observatoriesCHATZISTERGOS, THEODOSIOS; ERMOLLI, Ilaria ; FALCO, MARIACHIARA ; Guglielmino, S. L.; Krivova, N. K.; ROMANO, Paolo ; Solanki, Sami
42016Kinematics and Magnetic Properties of a Light Bridge in a Decaying SunspotFALCO, MARIACHIARA ; Borrero, J. M.; Guglielmino, S. L.; ROMANO, Paolo ; Zuccarello, Francesca ; Criscuoli, S.; Cristaldi, A.; ERMOLLI, Ilaria ; Jafarzadeh, S.; Rouppe van der Voort,