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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12015Acceptance tests and calibration of the Explorer Atomic Force Microscope new headSALMASO, Bianca ; SPIGA, Daniele none
22012AFM analysis of test wafers coated with Cr-Ni-Au layers: roughness characterizationSALMASO, Bianca ; SPIGA, Daniele none
32017BEaTriX X-ray facility for testing ATHENA mirror modules: a white paper for the implementationSPIGA, Daniele ; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; SALMASO, Bianca ; TAGLIAFERRI, Gianpiero none
42018BEaTriX: vibrations campaign on the laboratory groundSALMASO, Bianca ; SPIGA, Daniele ; BASSO, Stefano ; GIRO, Enrico ; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; TAGLIAFERRI, Gianpiero none
52011Characterization of slumped glasses for the IXO backup optics project, phase 2SPIGA, Daniele ; Proserpio, Laura; Pagano, Giuseppe; SALMASO, Bianca none
62015Characterization of the profiles of slumped glass foils after cutting and annealingHolyszko, Joanna; SALMASO, Bianca ; CIVITANI, Marta Maria none
72014Characterization of the Silicon cylindrical slumping mould polished by HELLMASALMASO, Bianca ; Brizzolari, C.; CIVITANI, Marta Maria ; SPIGA, Daniele none
82014Characterization of the Zerodur K20-20 cylindrical slumping mould polished by HELLMASALMASO, Bianca ; Brizzolari, C.; SPIGA, Daniele ; Rossi, Massimiliano; Arcangeli, L.none
92015Characterization of the Zerodur K20-20B cylindrical slumping mould polished by HELLMASALMASO, Bianca ; Brizzolari, C.; Arcangeli, L.; Rossi, Massimiliano; SPIGA, Daniele none
102014Cleaning of Ruths primary mirrorSALMASO, Bianca ; CRIMI, Giuseppe none
112016Cleaning of Ruths primary mirror: 2016SALMASO, Bianca ; CRIMI, Giuseppe none
122016Cold and Hot Slumped Glass Optics with interfacing ribs for high angular resolution x-ray telescopesCIVITANI, Marta Maria ; BASSO, Stefano ; GHIGO, Mauro ; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; SALMASO, Bianca ; SPIGA, Daniele ; VECCHI, Gabriele ; Banham, R.; Breuning, E.; Burwitz, V.; Hartner, G.; Menz,
132015Cold shaping of thin glass foils: a fast and cost-effective solution for making light-weight astronomical x-ray opticsCIVITANI, Marta Maria ; BASSO, Stefano ; CITTERIO, Oberto; GHIGO, Mauro ; SALMASO, Bianca ; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; VECCHI, Gabriele open
142016Design and advancement status of the Beam Expander Testing X-ray facility (BEaTriX)SPIGA, Daniele ; Pelliciari, Carlo; SALMASO, Bianca ; Arcangeli, Luigina; Bianucci, Giovanni; Ferrari, Claudio; GHIGO, Mauro ; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; Rossi, Massimiliano ; TAGLIAFERRI, Gianpiero ; Valsecchi, Giuseppe; VECCHI, Gabriele ; Zappettini, Andreaopen
152017Detecting the mitigation of fused silica roughening after Ion Beam FiguringHolyszko, Joanna; SALMASO, Bianca ; GHIGO, Mauro ; Arcangeli, L.; Passaretti, F.; SPIGA, Daniele none
162015Development of mirrors made of chemically tempered glass foils for future X-ray telescopesSALMASO, Bianca ; CIVITANI, Marta Maria ; Brizzolari, Claudia; BASSO, Stefano ; GHIGO, Mauro ; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; SPIGA, Daniele ; Proserpio, Laura; Suppiger, Yvesopen
172017Direct hot slumping of thin glass foils for future generation x-ray telescopes: current state of the art and future outlooksSALMASO, Bianca ; BASSO, Stefano ; Brizzolari, C.; CIVITANI, Marta Maria ; GHIGO, Mauro ; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; SPIGA, Daniele ; TAGLIAFERRI, Gianpiero ; VECCHI, Gabriele open
182016Electrical connections and driving electronics for piezo-actuated x-ray thin glass opticsLO CICERO, UGO ; Sciortino, Luisa; Lullo, Giuseppe; Di Bella, Maurizio; Barbera, Marco ; COLLURA, Alfonso ; CANDIA, Roberto ; SPIGA, Daniele ; BASSO, Stefano ; CIVITANI, Marta Maria ; Pelliciari, Carlo; SALMASO, Bianca open
192014Electroformed nickel samples for the polarimetric LAMP X-ray telescope: sample roughness characterizationTayabaly, K.; SPIGA, Daniele ; SALMASO, Bianca ; Valsecchi, Giuseppe; Banham, R.; Missaglia, N.; PARESCHI, Giovanni ; TAGLIAFERRI, Gianpiero none
202009Engineering Models for SIMBOL-X Phase A: metrological and X-ray analyses post PANTER testsSPIGA, Daniele ; SIRONI, GIORGIA ; SALMASO, Bianca ; Romaine, S.; Bruni, R.; COTRONEO, VINCENZO ; Mattarello, V.; Garoli, D.none