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12019The evolution of sizes and specific angular momenta in hierarchical models of galaxy formation and evolutionZoldan, Anna ; DE LUCIA, GABRIELLA ; XIE, Lizhi ; FONTANOT, Fabio ; HIRSCHMANN, Michaela Monika open
22018Structural and dynamical properties of galaxies in a hierarchical Universe: sizes and specific angular momentaZoldan, Anna ; DE LUCIA, GABRIELLA ; XIE, Lizhi; FONTANOT, Fabio ; Hirschmann, Michaelaopen
32020The VANDELS survey: Discovery of massive overdensities of galaxies at z > 2. Location of Ly╬▒-emitting galaxies with respect to environmentGuaita, L.; Pompei, E.; CASTELLANO, MARCO ; PENTERICCI, Laura ; CUCCIATI, Olga ; Zamorani, G.; Zoldan, Anna ; FONTANOT, Fabio ; Bauer, F. E.; Amorin, R.; BOLZONELLA, MICOL ; DE LUCIA, GABRIELLA ; GARGIULO, ADRIANA ; Hathi, N. P.; Hibon, P.; Hirschmann, M.; Koekemoer, A. M.; McLure, R.; POZZETTI, Lucia ; Talia, M.; Thomas, R.; Xie,