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12021A 21-cm power spectrum at 48 MHz, using the Owens Valley Long Wavelength ArrayGarsden, H.; Greenhill, L.; BERNARDI, GIANNI ; Fialkov, A.; Price, D. C.; Mitchell, D.; Dowell, J.; SPINELLI, MARTA ; Schinzel, F.
22022Antenna beam characterisation for the global 21cm experiment LEDA and its impact on signal model parameter reconstructionSPINELLI, MARTA ; KYRIAKOU, Georgios ; BERNARDI, GIANNI ; BOLLI, Pietro ; Greenhill, L. J.; Fialkov, A.; Garsden,
32021H I intensity mapping with MeerKAT: calibration pipeline for multidish autocorrelation observationsWang, Jingying; Santos, Mario G.; BULL, PHILIP ; Grainge, Keith; Cunnington, Steven; Fonseca, José; Irfan, Melis O.; Li, Yichao; Pourtsidou, Alkistis; Soares, Paula S.; SPINELLI, MARTA ; BERNARDI, GIANNI ; Engelbrecht, Brandonopen
42022The REACH radiometer for detecting the 21-cm hydrogen signal from redshift z ≈ 7.5–28de Lera Acedo, E.; de Villiers, D. I.L.; Razavi-Ghods, N.; Handley, W.; Fialkov, A.; Magro, A.; Anstey, D.; Bevins, H. T.J.; Chiello, R.; Cumner, J.; Josaitis, A. T.; Roque, I. L.V.; Sims, P. H.; Scheutwinkel, K. H.; Alexander, P.; BERNARDI, GIANNI ; Carey, S.; Cavillot, J.; Croukamp, W.; Ely, J. A.; Gessey-Jones, T.; Gueuning, Q.; Hills, R.; Kulkarni, G.; Maiolino, R.; Meerburg, P. D.; Mittal, S.; Pritchard, J. R.; Puchwein, E.; SAXENA, AAYUSH ; Shen, E.; Smirnov, O.; SPINELLI, MARTA ; Zarb-Adami,
52021Spectral index of the Galactic foreground emission in the 50-87 MHz rangeSPINELLI, MARTA ; BERNARDI, GIANNI ; Garsden, H.; Greenhill, L. J.; Fialkov, A.; Dowell, J.; Price, D.