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12018A Deep Look at NGC1533 in the Dorado Group with VSTCATTAPAN, ARIANNA ; IODICE, ENRICHETTA ; RAMPAZZO, Roberto ; Ciroi, S.; MAZZEI, Paola ; GRADO, ANIELLO ; LIMATOLA, LUCA; SPAVONE, MARILENA ; SCHIPANI, Pietro ; Marino, A.; HELD, Enrico Valerio open
22018In the Shade of Dorado Group Giants: Tracing the Eventful Life of Member Galaxies in Optical and Far UVRAMPAZZO, Roberto ; MAZZEI, Paola ; Marino, A.; CATTAPAN, ARIANNA ; Ciroi, S.; IODICE, ENRICHETTA ; GRADO, ANIELLO ; HELD, Enrico Valerio ; LIMATOLA, LUCA; SPAVONE, MARILENA open