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12015Constraints on particle acceleration sites in the Crab nebula from relativistic magnetohydrodynamic simulationsOlmi, Barbara ; Del Zanna, L.; AMATO, Elena ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' open
22019The Crab nebula in the light of three-dimensional relativistic MHD simulationsDel Zanna, L.; Olmi, Barbara ; AMATO, Elena ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; Mignone,
32021The crab pulsar and nebula as seen in gamma-raysAMATO, Elena ; Olmi, Barbara open
42020Deciphering the nature of the pulsar wind nebula CTB 87 with XMM-NewtonGuest, B.; Safi-Harb, S.; MacMaster, A.; Kothes, R.; Olmi, Barbara ; AMATO, Elena ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; Arzoumanian,
52019Full-3D relativistic MHD simulations of bow shock pulsar wind nebulae: dynamicsOlmi, Barbara ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' open
62019Full-3D relativistic MHD simulations of bow shock pulsar wind nebulae: emission and polarizationOlmi, Barbara ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' open
72021Indication of a Pulsar Wind Nebula in the Hard X-Ray Emission from SN 1987AGRECO, EMANUELE ; Miceli, Marco ; ORLANDO, Salvatore ; Olmi, Barbara ; BOCCHINO, Fabrizio ; Nagataki, Shigehiro; Ono, Masaomi; Dohi, Akira; Peres, Giovanni open
82018Modeling Radio Circular Polarization in the Crab NebulaBUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; Olmi, Barbara open
92017Modeling the effect of small-scale magnetic turbulence on the X-ray properties of Pulsar Wind NebulaeBUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; BANDIERA, Rino ; Olmi, Barbara ; Del Zanna,
102022Modeling the γ-ray Pulsar Wind Nebulae population in our GalaxyFIORI, MICHELE ; Olmi, Barbara ; AMATO, Elena ; BANDIERA, Rino ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; ZAMPIERI, Luca ; Burtovoi,
112017Modelling Jets, Tori and Flares in Pulsar Wind NebulaePorth, Oliver; Buehler, Rolf; Olmi, Barbara ; Komissarov, Serguei; Lamberts, Astrid; AMATO, Elena ; Yuan, Yajie; Rudy, Alexanderopen
122016Multi-D magnetohydrodynamic modelling of pulsar wind nebulae: recent progress and open questionsOlmi, Barbara ; Del Zanna, L.; AMATO, Elena ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; Mignone,
132018Numerical simulations of mass loading in the tails of bow-shock pulsar-wind nebulaeOlmi, Barbara ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; MORLINO, GIOVANNI open
142019On the origin of jet-like features in bow shock pulsar wind nebulaeOlmi, Barbara ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' open
152015Particle acceleration and non-thermal emission in Pulsar Wind Nebulae from relativistic MHD simulationsOlmi, Barbara ; Del Zanna, L.; AMATO, Elena ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; BANDIERA, Rino open
162018Relativistic MHD modeling of magnetized neutron stars, pulsar winds, and their nebulaeDel Zanna, L.; Pili, A. G.; Olmi, Barbara ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; AMATO, Elena mixedopen
172021Revisiting the evolution of nonradiative supernova remnants: A hydrodynamical-informed parameterization of the shock positionsBANDIERA, Rino ; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; Martín, J.; Olmi, Barbara ; Torres, D.
182016A (semi)-analytic view of the inner structure of Pulsar Wind NebulaeBANDIERA, Rino ; Olmi, Barbara ; del Zanna, L.; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; AMATO, Elena open
192017Unveiling the magnetic structure of VHE SNRs/PWNe with XIPE, the x-ray imaging-polarimetry explorerde Ona Wilhelmi, E.; Vink, J.; Bykov, A.; Zanin, R.; BUCCIANTINI, NICCOLO' ; AMATO, Elena ; BANDIERA, Rino ; Olmi, Barbara ; Uvarov, Yu.; XIPE Science Working Groupopen