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12019Discovery of a Double Blue Straggler Sequence in M15: New Insight into the Core-collapse ProcessBeccari, G.; Ferraro, F. R.; Dalessandro, Emanuele ; Lanzoni, B.; RASO, SILVIA ; ORIGLIA, Livia ; Vesperini, E.; Hong, J.; Sills, A.; DIEBALL, ANDREA HELGA KERSTIN ; Knigge,
22019The Double Blue Straggler Sequence in NGC 2173: Yes, a Field Contamination Artifact!Dalessandro, Emanuele ; Ferraro, Francesco R.; Bastian, Nate; CADELANO, MARIO; Lanzoni, Barbara; RASO, SILVIA open
32019Spectral Energy Distribution of Blue Stragglers in the Core of 47 TucanaeRASO, SILVIA ; PALLANCA, CRISTINA; Ferraro, Francesco R.; Lanzoni, Barbara; Mucciarelli, Alessio; ORIGLIA, Livia ; Dalessandro, Emanuele ; Bellini, Andrea; Libralato, Mattia; Anderson, Jayopen
42019Star-density Profiles of Six Old Star Clusters in the Large Magellanic CloudLanzoni, Barbara; Ferraro, Francesco R.; Dalessandro, Emanuele ; CADELANO, MARIO; PALLANCA, CRISTINA; RASO, SILVIA ; Mucciarelli, Alessio; BECCARI, GIACOMO; Focardi, Paolaopen