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12021The Deepest Chandra View of RBS 797: Evidence for Two Pairs of Equidistant X-ray CavitiesUbertosi, F.; GITTI, MYRIAM ; Brighenti, F.; BRUNETTI, GIANFRANCO ; McDonald, M.; Nulsen, P.; McNamara, B.; Randall, S.; Forman, W.; Donahue, M.; IGNESTI, ALESSANDRO ; GASPARI, MASSIMO ; ETTORI, STEFANO ; Feretti, L.; Blanton, E. L.; Jones, C.; Calzadilla,
22021Evidence for Mixing between ICM and Stripped ISM by the Analysis of the Gas Metallicity in the Tails of Jellyfish GalaxiesFRANCHETTO, ANDREA ; Tonnesen, Stephanie; POGGIANTI, Bianca Maria ; Vulcani, Benedetta ; GULLIEUSZIK, MARCO ; MORETTI, ALESSIA ; Smith, Rory; IGNESTI, ALESSANDRO ; BACCHINI, CECILIA ; McGee, Sean; TOMICIC, NEVEN ; MINGOZZI, MATILDE; WOLTER, Anna Luisa Maria ; Müller, Anclaopen
32021GASP XXXIV: Unfolding the thermal side of ram pressure stripping in the jellyfish galaxy JO201CAMPITIELLO, MARIA GIULIA ; IGNESTI, ALESSANDRO ; GITTI, MYRIAM ; BRIGHENTI, FABRIZIO ; RADOVICH, MARIO ; WOLTER, Anna Luisa Maria ; TOMICIC, NEVEN ; BELLHOUSE, CALLUM ; POGGIANTI, Bianca Maria ; MORETTI, ALESSIA ; Vulcani, Benedetta ; Jaffé, Y.L.; Paladino, Rosita ; Müller, A.; Fritz, J.; Lourenço, A.C.C.; GULLIEUSZIK, MARCO open
42022GASP XXXVIII: The LOFAR-MeerKAT-VLA View on the Nonthermal Side of a Jellyfish GalaxyIGNESTI, ALESSANDRO ; Vulcani, Benedetta ; POGGIANTI, Bianca Maria ; Paladino, Rosita ; Shimwell, Timothy; Healy, Julia; GITTI, MYRIAM ; BACCHINI, CECILIA ; MORETTI, ALESSIA ; RADOVICH, MARIO ; van Weeren, Reinout J.; Roberts, Ian D.; BOTTEON, ANDREA; Müller, Ancla; McGee, Sean; Fritz, Jacopo; TOMICIC, NEVEN ; WERLE, Ariel ; MINGOZZI, MATILDE ; GULLIEUSZIK, MARCO ; Verheijen, Marcopen
52022Introducing PT-REX, the point-to-point TRend EXtractorIGNESTI, ALESSANDRO open
62022A LOFAR view into the stormy environment of the galaxy cluster 2A0335+096IGNESTI, ALESSANDRO ; BRUNETTI, GIANFRANCO ; Shimwell, T.; GITTI, MYRIAM ; Birzan, L.; Botteon, A.; Brüggen, M.; DE GASPERIN, FRANCESCO ; Di Gennaro, G.; Edge, A. C.; Riseley, C. J.; Röttgering, H. J. A.; van Weeren, R.