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12018Discovery of a jet-like structure with overionized plasma in the SNR IC 443GRECO, EMANUELE ; Miceli, Marco ; ORLANDO, Salvatore ; Peres, Giovanni ; Troja, Eleonora; BOCCHINO, Fabrizio open
22021Indication of a Pulsar Wind Nebula in the Hard X-Ray Emission from SN 1987AGRECO, EMANUELE ; Miceli, Marco ; ORLANDO, Salvatore ; Olmi, Barbara ; BOCCHINO, Fabrizio ; Nagataki, Shigehiro; Ono, Masaomi; Dohi, Akira; Peres, Giovanni open
32022Negative and Positive Feedback from a Supernova Remnant with SHREC: A detailed Study of the Shocked Gas in IC443Cosentino, G.; Jiménez-Serra, I.; Tan, J. C.; Henshaw, J. D.; Barnes, A. T.; Law, C. -Y.; Zeng, S.; FONTANI, FRANCESCO ; Caselli, P.; Viti, S.; Zahorecz, S.; Rico-Villas, F.; Megías, A.; Miceli, Marco ; ORLANDO, Salvatore ; USTAMUJIC, SABINA ; GRECO, EMANUELE ; Peres, Giovanni ; BOCCHINO, Fabrizio ; Fedriani, R.; Gorai, P.; TESTI, Leonardo ; Martín-Pintado,
42020Unveiling pure-metal ejecta X-ray emission in supernova remnants through their radiative recombination continuumGRECO, EMANUELE ; Vink, Jacco; Miceli, Marco ; ORLANDO, Salvatore ; Domček, Vladimir; Zhou, Ping; BOCCHINO, Fabrizio ; Peres, Giovanni open