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12019The 11 yr of low activity of the magnetar XTE J1810-197Pintore, Fabio ; MEREGHETTI, Sandro ; ESPOSITO, PAOLO ; Turolla, Roberto; TIENGO, ANDREA ; Rea, Nanda; BERNARDINI, Federico ; ISRAEL, Gian Luca open
22020Dust-scattering Halo and Giant Hard X-Ray Flare from the Supergiant Fast X-Ray Transient IGR J16479-4514 Investigated with XMM-Newton and INTEGRALSGUERA, VITO ; TIENGO, ANDREA ; SIDOLI, Lara ; Bird, AJopen
32019Follow-up observations of X-ray emitting hot subdwarf stars: the compact He-poor sdO star Feige 34LA PALOMBARA, NICOLA ; MEREGHETTI, Sandro ; ESPOSITO, PAOLO ; TIENGO, ANDREA open
42020Prediction and Understanding of Soft-proton Contamination in XMM-Newton: A Machine Learning ApproachElena A. Kronberg; GASTALDELLO, FABIO ; Stein Haaland; Artem Smirnov; Max Berrendorf; GHIZZARDI, SIMONA ; K. D. Kuntz; Nithin Sivadas; Robert C. Allen; TIENGO, ANDREA ; Raluca Ilie; Yu Huang; Lynn Kistleropen
52021Prediction of Soft Proton Intensities in the Near-Earth Space Using Machine LearningKronberg, Elena A.; Hannan, Tanveer; Huthmacher, Jens; Münzer, Marcus; Peste, Florian; Zhou, Ziyang; Berrendorf, Max; Faerman, Evgeniy; GASTALDELLO, FABIO ; GHIZZARDI, SIMONA ; Escoubet, Philippe; Haaland, Stein; Smirnov, Artem; Sivadas, Nithin; Allen, Robert C.; TIENGO, ANDREA ; Ilie, Ralucaopen