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12021The Large Early Galaxy Astrophysics Census (LEGA-C) Data Release 3: 3000 High-quality Spectra of Ks-selected Galaxies at z > 0.6VAN DER WEL, ARJEN ; Bezanson, Rachel; D'Eugenio, Francesco; Straatman, Caroline; Franx, Marijn; van Houdt, Josha; Maseda, Michael V.; GALLAZZI, Anna Rita ; Wu, Po-Feng; Pacifici, Camilla; Barisic, Ivana; Brammer, Gabriel B.; Munoz-Mateos, Juan Carlos; Vervalcke, Sarah; ZIBETTI, Stefano ; Sobral, David; de Graaff, Anna; Calhau, Joao; Kaushal, Yasha; Muzzin, Adam; Bell, Eric F.; van Dokkum, Pieter
22022The LEGA-C of Nature and Nurture in Stellar Populations at z ∼0.6-1.0: Dn4000 and H δ Reveal Different Assembly Histories for Quiescent Galaxies in Different EnvironmentsSobral, David; VAN DER WEL, ARJEN ; Bezanson, Rachel; Bell, Eric; Muzzin, Adam; D'Eugenio, Francesco; Darvish, Behnam; GALLAZZI, Anna Rita ; Wu, Po Feng; Maseda, Michael; Matthee, Jorryt; Paulino-Afonso, Ana; Straatman, Caroline; Van Dokkum, Pieter
32021Stellar Dynamical Models for 797 z 0.8 Galaxies from LEGA-Cvan Houdt, Josha; VAN DER WEL, ARJEN ; Bezanson, Rachel; Franx, Marijn; d'Eugenio, Francesco; Barisic, Ivana; Bell, Eric F.; GALLAZZI, Anna Rita ; de Graaff, Anna; Maseda, Michael V.; Pacifici, Camilla; van de Sande, Jesse; Sobral, David; Straatman, Caroline; Wu, Po-Fengopen
42021Toward Precise Galaxy Evolution: A Comparison between Spectral Indices of z 1 Galaxies in the IllustrisTNG Simulation and the LEGA-C SurveyWu, Po-Feng; Nelson, Dylan; VAN DER WEL, ARJEN ; Pillepich, Annalisa; ZIBETTI, Stefano ; Bezanson, Rachel; DEugenio, Francesco; GALLAZZI, Anna Rita ; Pacifici, Camilla; Straatman, Caroline M. S.; Barišić, Ivana; Bell, Eric F.; Maseda, Michael V.; Muzzin, Adam; Sobral, David; Whitaker, Katherine
52021Ubiquitous [O II] Emission in Quiescent Galaxies at z ≈ 0.85 from the LEGA-C SurveyMaseda, Michael V.; VAN DER WEL, ARJEN ; Franx, Marijn; Bell, Eric F.; Bezanson, Rachel; Muzzin, Adam; Sobral, David; D'Eugenio, Francesco; GALLAZZI, Anna Rita ; De Graaff, Anna; Leja, Joel; Straatman, Caroline; Whitaker, Katherine E.; Williams, Christina C.; Wu, Po Fengopen