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12021ARES IV: Probing the Atmospheres of the Two Warm Small Planets HD 106315c and HD 3167c with the HST/WFC3 CameraGUILLUY, GLORIA ; Gressier, Amélie; Wright, Sam; Santerne, Alexandre; Jaziri, Adam Yassin; Edwards, Billy; Changeat, Quentin; MODIRROUSTA GALIAN, DARIUS ; Skaf, Nour; Al-Refaie, Ahmed; Baeyens, Robin; Bieger, Michelle Fabienne; Blain, Doriann; Kiefer, Flavien; Morvan, Mario; Mugnai, Lorenzo V.; Pluriel, William; Poveda, Mathilde; ZINGALES, TIZIANO ; Whiteford, Niall; Yip, Kai Hou; Charnay, Benjamin; Leconte, Jérémy; Drossart, Pierre; SOZZETTI, Alessandro ; Marcq, Emmanuel; TSIARAS, Angelos ; Venot, Olivia; Waldmann, Ingo; Beaulieu, Jean-Philippeopen