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12021Optical and Near-infrared Pulsation Properties of RR Lyrae and Population II Cepheid Variables in the Messier 15 Globular ClusterBHARDWAJ, ANUPAM ; Rejkuba, Marina; Sloan, G. C.; MARCONI, Marcella ; Yang, Soung Chulopen
22021RR Lyrae Variables in Messier 53: Near-infrared Period-Luminosity Relations and the Calibration Using Gaia Early Data Release 3BHARDWAJ, ANUPAM ; Rejkuba, Marina; de Grijs, Richard; Yang, Soung-Chul; Herczeg, Gregory J.; MARCONI, Marcella ; Singh, Harinder P.; Kanbur, Shashi; Ngeow, Chow-Choongopen