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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Fulltext
12019The evolution of CNO isotopes: the impact of massive stellar rotatorsROMANO, Donatella ; Matteucci, Maria Francesca ; Zhang, Zhi-Yu; Ivison, Rob J.; VENTURA, Paolo open
22019Evolution of lithium in the Milky Way halo, discs and bulgeGRISONI, VALERIA ; Matteucci, Maria Francesca ; ROMANO, Donatella ; FU, Xiaoting open
32019From `bathtub' galaxy evolution models to metallicity gradientsBELFIORE, FRANCESCO MICHEL CONCETTO ; Vincenzo, Fiorenzo; Maiolino, Roberto; Matteucci, Maria Francesca open
42019A new delay time distribution for merging neutron stars tested against Galactic and cosmic dataSIMONETTI, PAOLO MATTEO ; Matteucci, Maria Francesca ; GREGGIO, Laura ; CESCUTTI, GABRIELE open
52020On the variation of carbon abundance in galaxies and its implicationsROMANO, Donatella ; FRANCHINI, Mariagrazia ; GRISONI, VALERIA ; SPITONI, E.; Matteucci, Maria Francesca ; MOROSSI, Carlo open